Ripping Off Client Worked So Well, (Former) Ohio Broker (Allegedly) Decided To Rip Off His Church

Thomas Caniford knows what we're talking about.
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Altar boy.

Back during the last market crisis, Thomas Caniford has an idea: Tell a client that, in order to save his money, he had to put it into a hedge fund. By which Caniford (allegedly) meant, to steal it. This worked so well for so long, he (allegedly) decided to give it a try at his local parish church.

Caniford, 56, of 2683 Sutherland Circle NW, was arrested Aug. 6 and charged with theft from a person in a protected class, a second-degree felony….

Last week, parishioners at St. Peter Catholic Church, 726 Cleveland Ave. NW, received a letter from the Rev. Edward Beneleit, parish priest, stating that an investigation was under way concerning a possible irregularity in a check drawn on a church trust account.

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