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Someone Owes Carl Icahn An Apology

Hey WSJ, Uncle Carl is looking for you... and he wants to kick your ass.
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Still umblemished... and waiting for your apology.

A year ago, a little gossip rag called The Wall Street Journal breathlessly reported that Carl Icahn may have whispered a few insider tips to a professional gambler, who may then have told them to a golfing buddy by the name of P. Mickelson. This made Icahn angry—stalking the schoolyards looking for a Journal reporter to make cry like a little Jewish boy—and it turns out that he was right to be pissed, because the FBI doesn’t really think he did the tipping after all. They (allegedly!) think this guy, who just happened to resign as chairman from a company the gambler and Mickleson (allegedly!) insider-traded in, did.

The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office are examining whether Mr. Davis leaked information on his company’s 2012 announcement of a spinoff of its WhiteWave Foods division to Las Vegas bettor William “Billy” Walters, the people familiar with the investigation said.

Mr. Davis unexpectedly resigned Friday from the Dallas-based dairy company, ahead of the company’s Monday earnings announcement. Mr. Davis’s resignation was voluntary, his lawyer said….

The portion of the investigation related to Mr. Icahn—which involved potential trading in Clorox, in which Mr. Icahn once held a stake—is now largely dormant, the people familiar with the matter said.

Trading Investigation Eyes Ex-Chairman of Dean Foods and Golfer Phil Mickelson [WSJ]


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