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Twitter Employees Seem A Little Unhappy And Very Spoiled

Reports of bad morale at Twitter HQ might have something to do with the high incidence of crybabies working there.

If we've learned anything about employees at successful tech startups, it's that they really don't like to feel anything but 100% comfortable 100% of the time.

So for the millennial divas hard-working employees over at Twitter - where an interim CEO is presiding over a flagging stock price - it's sucking pretty hard these days to feel, like, not totally psyched about totally everything.

Business Insider spoke on background to a few people inside Twitter HQ where they say morale is in the toilet.

“The wheels are off the bus,” said one company insider. The person compared the current atmosphere within the company to rats fleeing a burning ship.

That's a strong visual. Sounds like the halls are running with blood over there. Just how uncomfortable is it?

“People are getting fed up with the unknown, the uncertainty." Adding to the frustration is the fatigue from seemingly endless upheaval, with many employees having had three, four, or five different managers over the course of a couple years at Twitter.

Oh, like there's some turnover in middle management periodically? That's not fun, but we're looking for screaming vermin and fiery boats here. What else you got?

“At a point people just kind of throw their hands up. They’re just not sure where the company is going, they’re not convinced that the leaders actually know where we’re going,” this person said. A lot of people are thinking, “You know what — I’m not going to burn another year of my life here because I don’t know which direction the company is going,"

Nope, that's actually just career ennui and distrust of management. Most people refer to it as "Your Thirties."

Wait... Blink twice if the boss a f#cking monster...

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who is doing double-duty as interim Twitter CEO while also leading digital payment company Square, has acknowledged the urgency of getting the company back on track. But he is only able to provide part-time attention to an organization that requires round-the-clock care, say some. And while there is hope that Dorsey can provide the kind of bold vision needed to re-invent the company, so far he hasn't done so.

So more "Absentee Dad" than "Insufferable Dickhead?" How is he when you do see him?

Dorsey is by all accounts engaged and passionate about his second job. During the weekly all-staff “tea time” meetings, Dorsey has spoken frankly about the company’s problems and the need to take action.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop the clock. "Tea time?" Seriously?

We don't want to cast aspersions on the abilities of Twitter employees to create allegories, but there are rarely tea parties on burning ships full of rats.

Also, we have to question what these Twitter employees think they deserve from a CEO. For instance there's this;

“You need someone who is in the hallways, that’s helping people recognize the fact that there is trouble and they’ve got the smartest people focused on it. But they’re just not there yet,” the person said.

It sounds like if Jack Dorsey walked in the hallways, he'd be stuck there all day answering questions from super-needy junior employees who are also real thirsty for an afternoon hit of Earl Grey.

But while they're disappointed in Jack's lack of wandering around, Twitter employees really don't want to see CFO and Goldman Sachs alum Anthony Noto in the halls. Like ever.

CFO Anthony Noto has become an increasingly polarizing figure within the company, according to several people we spoke with. Noto’s rising influence and power within Twitter during the past year has crowded out much-needed product expertise at the top, they say.
“When you have a leadership vacuum on the rest of the management team and then you add someone who is super ambitious” but doesn’t have the product skills, it creates problems for a consumer Internet company, said one of the people. 

Rumor is that Noto even drinks coffee during tea time... Fascist.

Twitter’s turmoil has created a festering morale problem, insiders say [BI]


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