Wells Fargo Tops 'Use Of A Work Email On An Adultery Site' League Tables

With Bank of America coming in at a close second.

While JP Morgan and Capital One bring up the rear, which should be a source of pride for both banks: the vast majority of their employees understand what is and is not an appropriate use of corporate email.

Hundreds of bankers used their work emails to register for the adultery website AshleyMadison.com, MarketWatch found after searching the data...Here are the financial institutions we searched for, and how many associated email addresses we found — bearing in mind that we cannot verify the accuracy of the data.

Wells Fargo — @wellsfargo.com: 175
Bank of America — @bankofamerica.com: 76
Deutsche Bank — @db.com: 73
Citigroup — @citi.com: 51
Goldman Sachs — @gs.com: 45
PNC Bank — @pnc.com: 28
U.S. Bancorp — @usbank.com: 15
Bank of New York Mellon — @bnymellon.com: 14
J.P. Morgan Chase — @jpmchase.com: 9
Capital One — @capitalone.com: 4

Of course, Team Wells couldn't have possibly known Ashley Madison was going to be hacked, and that the hackers were going to dump the users' information onto the internet but for the future, a good rule of thumb would be to relegate this sort of stuff to your Hotmail account, just in case. Unless of course you want to discuss the matter with HR, in which case, as you were.

These bankers used their work emails on Ashley Madison [MarketWatch]


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Numbers for first, second, and third year analysts. 1st: bottom tier: 45-47k middle tier: 50k top tier: 60k 2nd: bottom tier: 57-60k middle tier: 65k top tier: 75k 3rd: top tier: ~95-100k