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Wharton Would Really Like For Wharton Alum President Trump To Shut The F#ck Up About Wharton

Wharton is probably afraid that alums like Raj Rajaratnam and Steve Cohen would be pretty embarrassed to be associated with The Donald.

In case you didn't know, venal New York City-based contractor Donald Juarez Trump is also an alumnus of the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania.

Just ask him.

El Donaldo received a bachelors degree from Wharton (a B.S. as comedic luck would have it) in 1968, and he has told people about that degree roughly 1,968 times a day ever since. In recent weeks, the assumptive President-Elect has even upped the frequency of his Wharton name-dropping during his recent journeys up and down the campaign trail.

How many times has Trump mentioned his time at Wharton? Well, put it this way: if you were playing a drinking game wherein you took a shot every time his mouth said the word "Wharton"... you'd be dead.

Trump went so far as to invoke Wharton when explaining that he probably didn’t blame his entire debate performance on Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle when he said afterwards that Kelly had "blood coming out of her whatever."

While talking to Meet the Press' Chuck Todd on Sunday, Trump spoketh thusly...

Well, then all of a sudden, the next day, I wake up and I hear that, you know, somebody took it as something else. Only a deviant would think that, Chuck. I didn't even think that. Who would think it? Hey, I went to the Wharton School of Finance, the toughest place to get into. I was a great student. I don't talk that way.

He's a Wharton man see? And Wharton men never talk about vaginas. (You know what we're talking 'bout, class of '68's Peter Lynch).

But while Trump seems to revel in his glory days spent studying macro in West Philly, no one has really known how Wharton feels about being constantly associated with the Trump brand.

So CNBC went and asked Wharton that exact question...

Wharton's administration has been strictly hush-hush about its most famous alum, refusing multiple requests to comment for this story or to make its leadership available for interviews. 

Then they asked Wharton if Trump (who has also put three of his children through the school) is a major donor to the institution.

It's difficult to say if Trump has donated anything to Wharton at all. When asked, Wharton spokesman Peter Winicov responded by directing to a school webpage profiling some of its donors, none of whom are named Donald J. Trump. 

One Wharton professor did offer CNBC a nice word on Trump...

Another professor, who spoke on the condition he not be identified, said: "(Trump's) egomaniacal antics notwithstanding, at least he characterizes the school as being very selective, and at least he calls it 'The Wharton School of Finance'"—as opposed to the frequently misnomered Wharton Business School.

"He gets the name of the school right," seems like faint praise for your most famous and celebrated alum, but it might also be the best compliment possible considering that according to a Fortune report, no one remembers ever seeing or talking to Trump when he was at the school.

So Wharton doesn't really want to talk about The Donald, he doesn't give a dime to the place, none of his classmates remember him and half of the faculty polled by CNBC thinks he's a clown.

We're not saying that Wharton alums like Larry Robbins (Class of '92) don't have to put up with this kind of sh!t from their alma mater, but Larry Robbins definitely doesn't have to put up with this kind of sh!t from his alma mater.

Is Trump good for Wharton? School mum on famous alum[CNBC]



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