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When Elon Musk Raises Equity, He Does It With His Own Money

Here's a little $20 mil to get things going, bebe.

Bond villain come-to-life - and Tesla CEO - Elon Musk has been dealing with numerous reports that his electric car company of the future is spending a sh!t-ton of money in the present.

While many would expect Elon to create his own currency or mine for a newly-discovered element on Venus to generate some extra cash flow, it appears that he's going with a super-boring, terrestrial, financial tactic.

Tesla Motors Inc., the maker of luxury electric cars, filed to offer 2.1 million shares to raise about $500 million to expand the business beyond the addition of a sport utility vehicle next month.

Equity raise? What a snooze.

Oh, but wait...

Musk, the company’s largest shareholder, indicated he may buy as many as 83,974 shares in the offering at a price of $20 million, according to the filing.

Sure, a lot of guys buy up their own stock in these types of deals, but $20 million is a pretty hefty figure. Especially when you consider that the $20 mil could be coming out of Elon's space rocket money, or his drone boat money, or his Hyperloop super train money, or his Mars Oasis money, or his electric supersonic jet money, or even the cash he keeps on hand to buy some dope-ass artisanal sandwiches while visiting Sand Hill Road.

What we're saying is basically this; When's the last time those basic bitches over at Ford and Chevy dropped a few mil to keep things moving on the assembly line while tacitly bitching that this was going to push back the schedule on their inevitable colonization of space?

Yeah, that's what we thought.

Tesla Files to Sell 2.1 Million Shares to Raise $500 Million [Bloomberg]


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