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Anthony Scaramucci Is A Bush Man Now

The Mooch is back in the game.

In the Republican clown car primary of 2016, no one in the financial sector was more closely associated to a candidate than Anthony Scaramucci was to Scott Walker.

But with Walker flaming out so early, and confusing rumors swirling about a confusing meeting between The Mooch and primary oxygen thief Donald Trump, the SkyBridge Capital founder became the hottest free agent money man on the Republican scene.

Where goeth The Mooch - the popular thinking went - so goeth a lot of Wall Street support. It was going to be a fun storyline to watch.

Well, it turns out that Scaramucci was not into letting us have any fun because he is already shacking up with JEB!

Per the NYT:

Jeb Bush has plucked a top fund-raiser from the remains of Scott Walker’s failed presidential campaign: Anthony Scaramucci, a New York investor who had served as Mr. Walker’s national finance co-chairman.

And as one would imagine, there's a lot of nice stuff being said between Mooch and his fallback option.

Mr. Bush, the former governor of Florida, said that Mr. Scaramucci, who was a member of Mitt Romney’s New York finance team in 2012, would be “a valuable asset in sharing our campaign message of expanding economic opportunity for all Americans to voters across the nation.”
Mr. Scaramucci, in a statement provided by the campaign, said Mr. Bush had “the forward-looking vision and executive experience to lead our country and ensure our economy grows at its full potential.” He will be a member of the campaign’s national finance committee.

While many jokes could be made about the fact that JEB! is even the second choice of the guy now co-running his national fundraising operations, it could also be argued that scooping up Scaramucci so quickly was a nice little coup by the Bushies.

In addition to his bundling experience and connections, Scaramucci also has the role of a latter-day Louis Rukeyser on his relaunch of "Wall Street Week." His support would also seem to prevent JEB! from jumping on the anti-hedge fund bandwagon currently occupied by candidates from both parties.

JEB! scooping up another bundler puts even more pressure on John Kasich to get his sh!t together and start locking down commitments on reported flirtations with guys like Steve Schwarzman, who supported JEB!'s brother during his campaigns.

Fall is here, and it's high time for Presidential wannabes to start harvesting all that ripe Wall Street money.

Top Scott Walker Fund-Raiser Enlists With Jeb Bush [NYT]


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