Area CEO Convicted Of Sexual Harassment, Accused Of Money Laundering And Securities Fraud, Begs Judge To Be Reasonable (And Let Him See Swan Lake)

This is a human right!

When New York Global Group CEO Benjamin Wey was pressuring an underling, Hanna Bouveng, to dress provocatively on the job, waging "a relentless campaign to have sex with her," ultimately having sex with her for approximately 120 seconds, firing her because her "love of nightclubs was becoming an issue," writing on a website he owns "that she's a prostitute, that she hangs out with cocaine dealers, that she's a terrible person," emailing Bouveng's father to say he'd found another man in her bed (that man being her boyfriend), as well as (allegedly!) committing securities fraud and (allegedly!) engaging in money laundering, there was one thing he forgot to think about.

Well, there were actually a few things he forgot to think about, like: how will this play out in a court of law, will I be forced to pay at least $18 million for my actions, will this reflect poorly on my character when I run into subsequent legal issues, etc.

But the most important thing he forgot to think about when he was doing all that stuff? Was "Will this set of a chain of events wherein I'm forced to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet and follow a curfew, which will threaten my ability to take in an evening performance of Swan Lake that I've been waiting, like, forever to see?"

“Some time ago, Mr. Wey’s wife purchased tickets for Mr. Wey, Mrs. Wey and their children to attend a performance of the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2015,” Wey’s lawyer, David Siegal, wrote to Manhattan federal Judge Alison Nathan.

And while not everyone was on board with the idea...

“We respectfully suggest Mr. Wey is not entitled to attend the ballet, and that his tickets should be tendered to Ms. Bouveng care of her counsel instead so she can sell said tickets as down payment toward the millions owed her,” lawyer David Ratner wrote.

A judge who is perhaps a fellow lover of dance decided that sexual harassment and maybe money launder/securities fraud or no, this night at the Lincoln Center not to be missed.

Nathan sided with Wey. Tuesday was the last night of the ballet’s weeklong run.

Sadly, a dark cloud hung over the performance.

Embattled Wall Street wacko Benjamin Wey was slapped with yet another lawsuit as he prepared to take in a Tuesday evening performance of “Swan Lake” at Lincoln Center, with a judge’s blessing. Already facing criminal charges of stock manipulation and an $18 million civil judgment for harassing a former intern, the New York Global Group CEO is now also charged with duping Discover Growth mutual fund into buying $10 million in shares in a tech marketing company, 6D Global. Discover alleges in its suit that 6D Global was in reality “nothing more than a front for a multimillion dollar, cross-border Ponzi scheme masterminded” by Wey.

Hopefully you'll all join us in saying a prayer that Wey could put his (mounting and counting!) legal worries aside, enjoy himself, and maybe buy some NYC Ballet merchandise at intermission as a thank you to the judge and a downpayment toward letting him go see the Nutcracker come December.

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