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Area Investor Contemplates Act Of Civil Disobedience (Wearing A Tie To Soho House)

You messed with the wrong crowd, Soho House! Ties all UP in your face.
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Maybe even a pair of cufflinks! You scared?

Soho House, the private members club that is famously resistant to financial professionals, faced an equally frosty reception from fixed income investors this week. The private equity backed UK firm had to pull a planned £200m high-yield bond after investors baulked at the company's high leverage and limited free cashflow. The London investor meetings took place in Shoreditch House, a venue which bond experts might ordinarily struggle to gain access to. "There is no strict anti-banker policy but our clubs are very much rooted in the creative industries," a Soho House spokesperson told Reuters in 2011. The irony was not lost on some in the market [...] Many investors raised eyebrows at the roadshow's casual dress code, which explicitly forbade wearing ties. "I never wear one for meetings but I'm thinking of wearing one tomorrow just to see if they actually let me in or not," said an investor ahead of the meetings.

Finance returns the favour and snubs Soho House [Reuters]


Area Drunk Offers Handy How To Guide Re: Not Being Labeled "That Guy (Who Uses The Front Door Of A House As A Garage Door)" At The Office

Planning to knock off work early every evening from now through Labor Day and/or take the edge off life with some adult beverages during lunch because it's summer and you deserve it? Want to have "fun" but not do anything "crazy"? If parking your car in a stranger's backyard via their house constitutes a line you don't want to cross, and you have roughly the same alcohol tolerance as a 21 year-old female, consider telling co-workers and friends you want to be cut off at a dozen drinks. Fourteen, max. A Long Island prosecutor said today that a preliminary field test indicated that the Brooklyn woman who crashed through a house had consumed about 15 drinks before the accident. Police arrested 21-year-old Sophia Anderson following the crash Monday at 4 a.m. in Huntington. Anderson is accused of DWI after her red Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 in the rear of 96-year-old Helen Indiere’s once-tidy home. The car smashed through the home, ending up in the backyard. She suffered scrapes and bruises, while an unidentified passenger was not injured. Indiere who was inside the house and her caretaker were miraculously not injured. Anderson pleaded not guilty on Tuesday. Bail was set at $50,000. A Suffolk County prosecutor said a preliminary field test at the crash scene indicated a blood-alcohol reading of 0.30. Each alcoholic drink raises the level by about 0.02. The legal limit is 0.08. Anderson's lawyer questioned the validity of the sobriety test. NY prosecutor: Woman drunk drove car through house [WSJ] B'klyn woman had 'over a dozen drinks' in her at time of crash: DA [NYP]

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