Barclays Embraces Bitcoin, Really Shows Former CIO

The Brits see Bitcoin, and like what they see.

Sufficiently humbled.

Last year, hot-shot international man of mystery Anthony Watson left Barclays, where he’d been CIO, to pursue other opportunities, in this case a six-month opportunity to get bored at Nike before taking the helm of a bitcoin startup. What he left unsaid was that he was hightailing it out because Barclays is a big old fusty bank, and he’d like to do some innovating, thank you.

Fusty, eh? Non-innovative, you say? Well, Mr. Watson: How do you like this!?

Barclays and the bitcoin startup, Safello, will build a program that would allow charities to accept bitcoin. While the details are being kept under wraps, Barclays said it is interested in bitcoin’s underlying technology, and this appears to be the first time a big bank has directly undertaken a live experiment with the digital currency.

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