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Ben Bernanke’s Gonna Like The Way He Looks In His New Tux, George Zimmer Guarantees It

Because even former Fed chairmen deserve to feel handsome now and then.
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Benny, baby, please! Let me fix this!

So the former Federal Reserve chair hasn’t abandoned his fealty for Jos. A. Bank in favor of Men’s Wearhouse. Good. A man of such integrity shouldn’t be suited by such vipers anyway, as far as Men’s Wearhouse founder George Zimmer sees it. And, sure, the garbage bags at JAB are probably fine. For some people. He guesses. But a man of such stature as the Beard of Wisdom occasionally needs to dress up, and such man of stature should not be doing so in a rented tuxedo from a strip-mall trash pile. In fact, he shouldn’t even have to leave his desk to get formal—someone might see him in that horrific suit.

So George Zimmer has an offer Uncle Ben can’t refuse. You stay right at your offices in the Brookings Institution. Head on over to Zimmer’s zTailors website, and they’ll have a professional head right over to measure you up. (Plus, they could really use the help.) Then, navigate on over to and get yourself something that looks nice for once in your goddamned life, right? And together, the bearded duo can destroy Men’s Wearhouse.

Mr. Zimmer is confident that given the perennial need for formal wear, and an increasingly tech-using consumer base, there is an enormous untapped market.

“Generation Tux is definitely a winner,” he said. “I think it’s the best idea I’ve ever had….”

Using mostly his own money, with small investments from friends and other investors, he has already spent more than $6 million to have 30,000 tuxedos made, construct an elaborate website and prepare a big distribution warehouse.

George Zimmer Takes On Men’s Wearhouse With Tuxedo Startup [NYT]


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