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BlackBerry Spends $425 Million To Acquire Rival/Prove It Is Still Alive

An acquisition and a proof of life all rolled into one!

While you might not believe it in your heart, BlackBerry is still a company.

Seriously, here's proof.

BlackBerry Ltd. agreed to buy Good Technology Corp., gaining new customers in mobile-device management while removing one of its competitors, for $425 million.

The company that makes the smartphone that you used to have is apparently trying to keep its head above rising water by cornering the market on tech solutions for fearful and cautious types.

Good Technology, based in Sunnyvale, California, builds applications to help employees work securely from their personal phones. It counts all of the G7 governments and the world’s 10 largest banks and law firms among its 6,200 customers, BlackBerry said in a statement Friday.

Basically, BlackBerry is buying out the guys that allow you to build BlackBerry-type security into the iPhone that you begged your company to buy you because BlackBerrys are so lame even if they are safer...and man are you sick of fighting over this with Desmond from IT.

So for less than half a billion bucks, BlackBerry has gotten itself mentioned in the press, and borrowed some more time on earth. Happy Labor Day.

BlackBerry to Buy Rival Good Technology for $425 Million [Bloomberg]


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