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Carl Icahn Is So In Love That He Only Sees Beauty In President Trump's Flaws

Things are getting serious, you guys.

We talked about this new power couple yesterday, but since then it appears that things have gotten even hotter between Carl Icahn and Donald Trump. In fact, Icahn is going around saying that we should all take a second look and stop criticizing him for being such an egotistical blowhard.

Why? Because those are the things Carl loves about Trump.

For instance, those people who say that Trump has diarrhea of the mouth? Welp, they're wrong.

In his new video, Uncle Carl compares The Donald to Teddy Roosevelt and says that "Maybe he's brash, but he says what he believes and he's willing to say 'Hey! This is complete bullshit.'"

You can't tell people that they're full of sh!t if you're not talking, right?

And what about those idiots that see Trump as way too full of himself? Wrong again, nerds.

The Wall Street veteran said the property mogul’s strong sense of self was a positive for high office because he wouldn’t be threatened by having smart people, such as Icahn, giving him advice.
“His ego permits him to — where a lot of these other presidents don’t — surround himself with really good people, not just me but others,” Icahn said in an interview with Reuters.
“He needs as many good people as he can get in this environment today. We certainly don’t see that in many of these presidents.”

Trump's ego is big enough to listen... no follow-up questions please.

Icahn has yet to comment on Trump's hair but we're going to go ahead and assume he finds it "luxuriant and fashionable."

Donald Trump is the only man to save the world, says Carl Icahn [Reuters]


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