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CEO Ordered To Pay $18 Million For Sexually Harassing Employee Maybe Also Dabbled In Money Laundering On The Side

Benjamin Wey apparently had a lot of balls in the air.
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Remember Benjamin Wey? CEO of New York Global Group, who was accused by employee Hanna Bouveng of:

• Pressuring Bouveng to dress provocatively on the job
• Waging “a relentless campaign to have sex with her”
• Ultimately having sex with her for approximately 120 seconds (“He has sex with her and it’s over in two minutes. She was horrified and debased”)
• Firing her in 2014 after she complained and saying the termination was because her “love of nightclubs were becoming an issue”
• Writing on a website he owns called The Blot Magazine “that she’s a prostitute, that she hangs out with cocaine dealers…[that] she’s a terrible person”
• Emailing Bouveng’s father to say he’d found another man in her bed (that man being her boyfriend)

Earlier this summer, Wey was orderd to pay Bouveng $18 million compensatory and punitive damages and now, in what must come as a huge shock to you all, he's been indicted on money laundering charges, among other things.

Benjamin Wey, CEO of New York Global Group, would load up on publicly traded stocks without disclosing his ownership – and then illegally manipulate the price and demand for those stocks, the court papers ​allege. Wey faces eight counts of money laundering, and failing to disclose ownership of stocks, according to a Manhattan federal indictment unsealed Thursday. “Ben Wey fashioned himself a master of industry, but as alleged, he was merely a master of manipulation,” Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement, adding that Wey made tens of millions in illegal profits. “The indictment charges that Wey used reverse merger transactions between Chinese companies and US shell companies to illegally conceal his ownership interest and then, with the help of his alleged co-conspirator, manipulated the market so that he could sell his interest at artificially inflated prices.”

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