Congressman Consults Oracles, Decides It’s All Not Worth The Trouble, Renames Hedge Fund

He could have just gone with Florida Man Capital LLC.

You cannot keep a great American down.

All the good hedge fund names are taken? Liberal lion and Florida Senate hopeful Alan Grayson begs to differ. Under fire for naming his fund for himself in apparent—to everyone but himself—violation of congressional ethics rules, Grayson has struck upon the perfect moniker. OK, maybe not quite as perfect as Grayson Fund Management. But Sibylline Fund Management is pretty good, right? Redolent of magical powers of foresight and mystery, like the mystery of who has fiduciary duty towards the former Grayson Fund Management.* And available.

This month, the millionaire Orlando Democrat petitioned to change Grayson Fund Management Company to Sibylline Fund Management.

His spokesman confirmed the move Sunday evening. “There's nothing wrong with the investor partnership using ‘Grayson’ in their name, but at this point, it's simply easier to change the name than to argue about it,” spokesman Kevin Franck said in an email.

Alan Grayson changes name of fund that drew ethics complaint [Tampa Bay Times]

* No one, according to Grayson.