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Elon Musk And Sergey Brin Want To Answer The Eternal Question of "What If Burning Man Never Had To End?"

For billionaire tech bros, the party never has to end.

Anyone who's spent days on end doing drugs in a weird costume while wandering around the Nevada desert will tell you that the worst part about Burning Man is when it ends.

Watching the layers of dust that caked your body turn to mud in the shower drain as the last blast of Molly wears off and your brain returns to its non-super high state... Well that can make a person pretty blue. But what if Burning Man could last forever?

According to NY Mag, it seems that Burning Man's organizers are all over that idea.

Co-founder Marian Goodell has hinted at another major change: expanding beyond Black Rock Desert — the dusty Nevada expanse that’s become almost synonymous with the festival — and developing a private tract of land as a permanent Burning Man community. 

Next door? What's over there, bros?

Fly Ranch is, by all accounts, spectacular: It’s about 4,000 acres (880 of which are wetlands) with 23 hot and cold springs and around 40,000 feral horses. There’s one 104-degree lake that’s a couple hundred feet wide. Rod Garrett, one of the original architects of Burning Man, had drawn up plans for a Burning Man Fly Ranch city, a mix of homes and communal spaces built to blend into the desert.

Well, that does sound nice... and expensive. Where do the burning men intend to find that kind of scratch?

Development of this scale would require a lot of money, and last year, the organization began giving tours of Fly Ranch to potential investors. People around the playa whispered that well-known Burners like Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, and hotelier Chip Conley were among those shown the property (though none have confirmed that they actually were).

Permanent desert bacchanalias in a hot spring utopia does sound like an Elon thing. But it also sounds like the deal that gets closed in Sergey's super-secret Silicon Valley apartment for hangout sessions that focus on an awesome future.

Once again, it seems like Elon Musk is still focused on having a dope life in which he does dope sh!t.

Is Burning Man on the Cusp of Becoming a Permanent Utopian Community? [New York]


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