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Ex-Hedge Fund Manager Turned Pharamceutical CEO Not In Great Standing With The Ladies

Martin Shkreli is fighting haters on multiple fronts.
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Many, many people-- including Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump-- became members of the Martin Shkreli Sucks Club this week. But at least one woman has allegedly been paying dues to MSSC for a lot longer than that.

Shkreli has been named in multiple lawsuits in which he was accused of carrying out "schemes" to take money from former employers; making "false and misleading statements"; deceiving "the investing public"; and using Facebook and other social-media channels to harass family members of a man with whom he had a business dispute. Along with these allegations about his professional conduct, Shkreli is also facing an accusation of "gross" behavior in his personal life. A woman claiming to be Shkreli's ex-girlfriend said he sent her a series of Facebook messages years after their breakup in an attempt to solicit sex for money. The woman, who would give her name only as "Katie," contacted Business Insider about the exchange on Tuesday. The following morning she posted screenshots on a (NSFW) personal blog that she said showed Shkreli's unwanted online advances and her disgusted response. In a conversation with Business Insider on Tuesday evening, Shkreli disputed all of the allegations that have been made against him. He also dismissed the controversy over the drug-price increase that put his name in the headlines.

The hedge funder at the center of the drug-increase controversy has a long history of alleged bad behavior [BI]

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Woman Whose Ex-Hedge Fund Husband Demanded A Cut Of Her Shoes Just Rubbing It In His Face At This Point

Back in June, hedge fund manager Daniel Shak sued his ex-wife, Beth, over assets he claimed she'd hid during the couple's divorce. Said assets were Beth's shoes, which Daniel alleged were kept in a "secret room" and were worth approximately $1 million, 35 percent of which he wanted. It was a bit unclear as to why he was going after the footwear collection three years after the two split (though using the proceeds to relaunch his fund was a possibility) but the heart wants what the heart wants. Anyway, today brings just a couple follow-ups on the Shaks, both of which are slightly more exciting for Beth than Dan. 1. He won't see a single pair of Loubs. A civil suit brought by poker professional Dan Shak against his ex-wife, fellow poker pro Beth Shak, regarding her extensive shoe collection was dismissed in a court in New York after Mr. Shak advised his attorneys that he didn’t want to pursue the issue any further...the opening arguments apparently doomed the case in the eyes of the male Shak. Ms. Shak testified to Judge Daniele that her shoe fetish grew as a response to repeated denials of emotional attention from Mr. Shak. “I would not call these shoes a collection, I would call them a sickness at a particular point in my life,” Beth Shak testified to Judge Daniele as she recounted how Dan Shak would refuse her attempts at romantic encounters, according to the Post. “I tried to get him to go to therapy with me, but it just didn’t work,” the Post quotes Ms. Shak as testifying. “I was so unhappy with my marriage that all I did was shop. There was nothing to our relationship…he and I had nothing.” Further into her testimony to the court, Ms. Shak stated that not only did Mr. Shak know about the shoes but even signed off on all the bills as they came before him. After a break following Ms. Shak’s testimony, Mr. Shak apparently had a change of heart regarding the lawsuit. His attorneys informed Judge Daniele that their client wanted to withdraw the case, which Judge Daniele quickly granted. Looking square at Mr. Shak as she dismissed the case, Judge Daniele is quoted by the Post as stating, “Well, thanks for wasting everybody’s time.” 2. She's going into the shoe business! Now that that the suit is over, Shak, who has an image of a pair of Louboutons tattooed just below her waist, is concentrating one what's next — the launch her own line of shoes. Dan Shak Drops Lawsuit Against Beth Shak Following Opening Arguments [PND] Sexy Singles 2012: Beth Shak [Philly]