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Goldman Sachs Is Looking To Hook Up With College Kids On Snapchat

Goldman wants to chat... about your future, homie.

Millennials think that working in banking is like totally ratchet.

That's a problem for Goldman Sachs because it has all these job openings for the young people. So how does the Death Star of American finance engage with a generation of college kids that vocally despises it? In the same way that those same kids share naked selfies with each other, of course.

In its latest push to broaden its allure among millennials, Goldman Sachs Group Inc rolled out a series of quick-hit recruiting ads on Snapchat on Friday, becoming the first major Wall Street bank to turn to the instant-but-fleeting messaging app for potential hires.

How bad can Goldman be if it has the same app as you? Uncle Lloyd is a bro and he wants to give you a chance to be the best version of yourself in these confusing post-college years. Maybe just take a break from debating who is or isn't a basic bitch and hear him out.

The ads appear on Snapchat's Campus Story function, a curated platform for user-generated contents such as pictures and videos at college campuses nationwide. Goldman's 10-second recruitment clips appear between user-generated content segments.
In the videos, Goldman says it is seeking a "Campus Environmental Leader," "Youth Sports Coach" or "Crowd Funding Champion," and provides a link to

See? Goldman is looking for the good Millennials. The ones that coach Little League while reducing their carbon footprint and asking for startup money on the internet.

Goldman GETS IT, you guys.

The move is the latest leg of Goldman's bid to appeal to soon-to-be college grads and push back against the prevalent view of investment banking as an all-work-and-no-play career.
In June, the investment bank told its summer interns they should be out of the office between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m. during the week, seeking to curb excessive hours worked by young employees who see internships and entry-level jobs as a chance for a lucrative investment banking career.

That's seven hours of your day to do with what you will. Seven...whole...hours.

We assume that the stampede of Millennials eager to learn more about a life at Goldman can get that info when Gary Cohn launches his Periscope account.

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