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Heidi Cruz Doesn't Like The Idea Of Her Candidate Husband Taking Money From Her Out-Of-Touch Colleagues At Goldman Sachs

Ted Cruz doesn't want filthy money from Wall Street villains like his own wife.

In order to ensure that his anti-Wall Street bona fides were firmly in place for the 2016 election cycle, Ted Cruz and his wife decided that she would have to take a powder from her managing director gig at Goldman Sachs.
And thank Lloyd she did, because if Heidi Cruz had kept running Goldman’s Houston wealth management operations, she’d be way too out of touch with America to help her husband get elected.

Just ask her.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Heidi shows herself to be a voraciously tenacious fundraiser befitting her Harvard Business School degree.

Heidi Cruz pores over spreadsheets and donor lists, calling people who have supported Ted Cruz in the past and may be likely to do so in the future. Her perfect max-out donor, she said, is conservative, middle class, a business owner, and the type of person who can afford to give the limit but considers it a bit of a sacrifice.
"I don't want to say it's easy and I don't close every deal," she said. "I think people want to be a part of something that addresses the main issue of the day, number one, which is Washington versus the people."

And being a canny investment banker, she is selling her husband like a high-upside investment opportunity.

"This is an investment for people, whether it’s their time or their money. And as an investor, I tell them, 'You’re an investor,' " she said.
"And you shouldn’t invest because the product aligns with your values, you should invest because you think this thing is really gonna sell. The company’s gonna be successful. So when we talk about winnability, I spend a lot of time on the phone talking about how Ted wins, and he wins by building this grass-roots army that becomes a coalition," she said.

But as much as Heidi Cruz seems to love to close a deal with a Cruz donor, there is one group that she wouldn’t dial up with Melania Trump’s fingers; terrible Wall Street types... like her colleagues at Goldman.

“A lot of Wall Street is out of touch with mainstream America,” she said. “That’s not our funding base.”

So we’ve reached a logic inflection point in this election that allows a candidate to proxy brag about morally eschewing Wall Street donations while being simultaneously married to a Goldman Sachs executive.

Strange days.

Heidi Cruz trying to close her biggest deal: Making her husband president [WaPo]


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