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Jack Dorsey Will Not Let Society Stop Him From Having It All

Why is Silicon Valley so hard on men that want to be CEO of a few companies at once?

Sometimes the world can be a cruel place for 38-year-old tech billionaire who just wants to simultaneously run ALL the companies he started.

For instance why can't a bro continue to run Twitter while also helming the online payments startup Square that he's about to take public? Is it maybe because society just can't handle a strong man in tech?

Like who is the Twitter board to say that the CEO job is a full-time one? Why can't a guy give all he has to two companies, especially when that man has so much to give?

Well, no one - and we mean NO ONE - is going to stop Jack Dorsey from being the best version of Jack Dorsey that Jack Dorsey can be.

Dorsey — who is the CEO of Square as well as the interim CEO of Twitter — has been telling insiders involved in the high-profile payments company’s current IPO process that he will not leave the top management role at Square, according to three sources familiar with the situation. That includes bankers, legal advisers and key execs. Dorsey is also prepared to tell public market investors that are interested in investing in Square once it begins the active part of its IPO process the same thing, even if he is also named permanent CEO of Twitter.

It is hidebound and close-minded to think that a man running a pre-IPO tech company can't also be a present and nurturing CEO to a public tech company.

It's 2015, people. What's next, beard-shaming?

If Jack Dorsey is prevented from being CEO of all the companies that he wants to be CEO of, Silicon Valley will be dangerously close to being tagged with the reputation of a place that undervalues men in simultaneous workplaces.

Ahead of IPO Prep, Jack Dorsey Is Telling Key People He Won’t Give Up Square CEO Role [re /code]


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