Joe Biden Is Either Running For President Or Wasting Robert Wolf's Time

Uncle Joe is chatting up Wall Street's biggest Democratic money man.

Vice President Joe Biden has spent the last few weeks playing of Hamlet over whether or not he will challenge his frenemy Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

But he might have just tipped his hand by sitting down with Wall Street's most popular Democratic fundraiser, former UBS Americas CEO Robert Wolf. You might remember Wolf as the guy who bundles major cash for - and golfs with - President Obama, so it makes sense that the Veep would want the guy who gets Wall Street money for POTUS to get money for his maybe/could be/dunno campaign.

But the thing is, Wolf has pledged his skills to Hillary this cycle. So why was he even sitting down with Uncle Joe?

Tell 'em, Bloomberg's John Heilemann.

Having picked up scuttlebutt about a possible Biden-Wolf tete-a-tete on Friday, I phoned Wolf over the weekend to see if it was true. Wolf, whom I've known since he first backed Obama in early 2007, confirmed that the meeting had taken place. The topics they discussed, Wolf said, ranged from the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank to the nation's crumbling infrastructure, a focus of Wolf's consulting firm, 32 Advisors. When I asked him if Biden had declared definitively that he was running, Wolf said no. Had Biden made a plea for Wolf's support? Wolf again said no—and pointed out he was supporting Clinton. Had Wolf come away with the impression that Biden was going to run? “If he doesn't know yet,” Wolf said coyly, “how would I?”

Well if Robert Wolf doesn't know, maybe the the people in the C-Suites who are about to start getting his fundraising calls will.

Biden Secretly Meets With Top Obama Bundler During New York Swing [Bloomberg]