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Ken Griffin Continues 'Sticking It To My Estranged Wife' Tour With $200 Million NYC Crash Pad

*SOMEONE* is trying to show Anne Dias-Griffin what she's missing.
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Also known as the "Will your next husband be able to drop two hundred mill on an apartment just for the f*ck of it" tour, AKA "When I said 'I'll sue you until you have no money left' I meant to add 'while buying up property you'll never get to live in just to be mean'" tour, AKA "You saw that I also just bought an entire village in Palm Beach, right" tour.

Billionaire hedge fund titan Ken Griffin is quietly buying a $200 million-plus home in the so-called “billionaires’ bunker” at 220 Central Park South. Despite reports that a Qatari mogul was closing in on a record $250 million spread at the under-construction tower to make a single penthouse in the sky, multiple sources tell Page Six the buyer is actually Griffin. Chicago-based Citadel founder Griffin, 46, who is worth $7 billion, is still mired in an ugly divorce from his wife of 11 years, Anne Dias-Griffin, who is asking for $1 million per month in child support — in line with her current family expenditure. But while the estranged couple battle over their homes in Chicago and Aspen, Colo., and at Manhattan’s 820 Fifth Ave., Griffin has gone on a spending spree at 220 Central Park South, the Robert A.M. Stern-designed, 950-foot-tall tower, where prices run from $30 million to $160 million-plus. A source tells us, “Griffin is looking to combine multiple apartments into one property. The deal is worth more than $200 million.”

Divorcing hedge funder quietly buying home in ‘billionaires’ bunker’ [NYP]
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