NYC: Still Got It

With regard to how much it costs to live here. Suck it, Zurich and Geneva!
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Pulling out all the stops to keep rents high.

We make (almost) the most—and we have to—here in the greatest and most expensive city (the latter because San Francisco was not included in UBS’ little survey for some reason) in the world. Take that, Zurich and Geneva.

New York City takes the top spot in the annual ranking of the world’s most expensive cities, according to an analysis by UBS. The cost of goods and services was higher in just two other cities—Zurich and Geneva—but they were less expensive than New York after including rent.

Can’t hash it here? Try Kiev: It’s said you can’t even hear the Russian shells go off anymore.

The cheapest cities last year among the 71 surveyed: Kiev, Ukraine, and the Bulgarian capital city, Sofia. Prices were 2.5 times higher in the Swiss cities than in those Eastern European capitals.

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