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NYU Stern Professor: Marissa Mayer Would Be So Fired If It Weren't For Her Pesky, Fully-Occupied, Uterus

Prof. Scott Galloway is leaning in to a little sh!tstorm right about now.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is the most visible female executive in a business sector constantly dealing with public perception that it is a misogynistic hellscape for women, so people are often delicate when discussing her performance at the helm of the company that hosts your dad's email account.

But not our old pal - ripsh!t email artist and "Muffkateer" extraordinaire - NYU Stern School of Business professor Scott Galloway.

Galloway, Stern's Clinical Professor of Marketing, went on Bloomberg this morning to discuss what's wrong with Yahoo and said this about Mayer (who announced last week that she is expecting twin girls in December).

I think Marissa Mayer is the most overpaid CEO in history right now.

And that was the nice part.

[Yahoo] still is the number one portal in the world. It has a ton of eyeballs which you should be able to turn into money... The core business is in decline, you have a CEO that has made some of the worst acquisitions in the history of tech, senior-level hires that have cost the company in excess of $100 million.

So why does Galloway think that Mayer is still in charge over at Yahoo?

"If she hadn't announced she was pregnant with twins, she'd be out of a job within six months."

Don't sugarcoat it Scott.

But Galloway wasn't done. He went on to insinuate that the tech sector as a whole is a little bit gynophobic these days.

I don't think any board in America right now in technology that's as visible as Yahoo wants to be seen as not leaning in... She got a reprieve from death row because she's pregnant with twins.

That metaphor/allegory bouillabaisse is sure to put Galloway on the receiving end of a few angry emails, and a few of them might have on the end of them.

[Yahoo] has become an accidental hedge fund... It should be sold to Microsoft. We should put a bullet in the head of this story called Yahoo. It is time to euthanize this thing.

If you want to provide Professor Galloway with some feedback, we suggest you look up his email via Google or Bing.

NYU Professor: Yahoo Should Be Euthanized, and Marissa Mayer Is the Most Overpaid CEO in History [Bloomberg]


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