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Oracle Is Giving Its Employees A Furlough For Christmas

Merry Christmas from Larry Ellison.

The tech world is known for its great treatment of workers. From handing out perks like free food to letting everyone work at the coffee house next to their apartment, tech has become almost synonymous with a new type of labor. A kinder, gentler way to work.

Take the Oracle Corporation, for instance. Larry Ellison's $100 billion enterprise software firm has been around for decades, so surely Oracle has perfected the art of employee coddling.

It must be like paradise around there these days, with blissful engineers begging for more work.

Some Oracle employees are upset about a new edict coming from on high that affects their vacation time. The company has decided to close down during the holiday week between Christmas and New Year's.

See? You treat people the right way and they'll want to be in the office every chance they get.

Lots of tech companies do that. But in Oracle's case, it is mandating that all employees pay for this furlough with four days of their PTO/vacation time, according to several sources we spoke to. That's far less common.


"We all know that it's actually a trick to get rid of accrued PTO on their balance sheet before the next year," one employee told us. "Needless to say, people are clearly very unhappy about this announcement, especially since it just happened this week and holiday season is just around the corner."

Well, that's... different.

Oracle has angered some employees by closing for a week and docking everyone's vacation [BI]


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