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President Trump Had Better Get Prince Alwaleed’s Lawyers On The Phone

The prince and the would-be prez can bond over Forbes underestimating their wealth.
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Great minds slandered alike.

Once again, the folks over at Forbes are proving they just don’t know how to count the wealth of truly great men. And the greater the man, the greater the fallibility: While only underestimating Prince Alwaleed’s fortune by about 50% (according to Prince Alwaleed, of course), the jokers over at Forbes have insulted the Donald by more than half, finding not TEN BILLION DOLLARS but a mere $4.5 billion. Which at least puts him two orders of magnitude ahead of his nearest rivals, and therefore the blindingly obvious choice to be the next Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world, at least until Carl Icahn or one of those paper-pushing hedge-fund guys or any of the other 120 people ahead of him on the list throws their hat into the ring.

They are almost all quite wealthy, boasting an average net worth of more than $13 million when Trump, who skews the figures with his $4.5 billion fortune, is excluded. Leaving out Trump, the 19 candidates from both major parties that we tracked have a cumulative net worth of $254 million, with all but four of them claiming the title of multi-millionaires. Eight of the presidential hopefuls are sitting on 11-digit fortunes, with Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, and Carly Fiorina’s wealth valued at more than $30 million each, along with the Donald.

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