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Ruth Porat Is Teaching Google How To Talk To People

"Larry, Sergey... take of the silly glasses and talk like real boys."

It's never been alleged that techies are too loquacious, confiding or even socialized. For startups, that stereotypically "outsider" behavior can have a certain cache, but for multi-billion-dollar corporations that kind of sh!t can get old quick.

For Google, that has meant a lot of awkward non-communicating with the money people who dictate the company's stock price. According to WSJ though, that is changing.

Earlier this month, the Internet giant began offering analysts 15- to 30-minute briefings on Google’s business, according to people familiar with the situation.
Many publicly traded companies conduct similar calls, which tiptoe around securities laws. Until now, though, Google wasn’t among them, analysts say.

So what's going on?

The initiative, dubbed “Office Hours,” is part of an effort by Ms. Porat, who joined Google in May from Morgan Stanley, to be more transparent with investors and analysts. She talked more openly than her predecessor on her first conference call in July and met with shareholders in New York, Boston and London in the following weeks.

Ah, the Google Guys have brought in an adult person to talk to other people who might not even code, bro.

Per the WSJ report, Porat is eschewing the type of hyper-technical/"making the world a better place" tech speak melange favored by Larry and Sergey and instead talking to analysts about stuff they can actually use in a report; hiring trends, ideas on expenses, etc.

It sounds pretty simple, but apparently it's not.

Lest you think that any high-level Wall Street veteran like Porat can go into a tech firm and get everyone to start speaking like analysts, think about how well that approach is going over at Twitter where Goldman Sachs vet Anthony Noto is CFO.

Twitter is in the fourth month of its very public CEO search and Wall Street is setting fire to Twitter stock every time a vague missive is released intimating that the company is maybe "closer" to finding the perfect fit.

Now, we have no idea whether or Noto there are attempts within Twitter to start reaching out to analysts in a straight talk kinda way, but maybe there should be.

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