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Scott Walker Is Out Of The Race Because Wall Street Forgot To Give Him Money

Oopsie daisies.

"Got me."

Remember that time before Donald Trump became a modern-day George Washington and we considered that other people might become the Republican candidate for president?

Even if it's only vaguely, you might recall that one of the men most considered was Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and a major reason was that his aggressively pro-business philosophy made him a very attractive candidate to Wall Street and its money.


Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has concluded he no longer has a path to the Republican presidential nomination and plans to drop out of the 2016 campaign, according to three Republicans familiar with his decision, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

And the reason Walker is walking away is because his campaign is as broke as a cheese rind on a cold Wisconsin day.

In recent weeks the Walker campaign has seen its fund-raising in a downward spiral, with the candidate undertaking a heavy travel schedule of political events but spending far less time raising money. Two top Walker donors said on Monday that potential backers who had been leaning toward Mr. Walker had started expressing strong misgivings about the direction of his campaign after his middling performance in the last Republican debate. The two donors were helping organize a fund-raiser for Mr. Walker this Thursday in New York City at the apartment of Todd Ricketts, a national finance co-chair of the Walker campaign, but were struggling to lock in people to attend.

So where was the Wall Street cash?

“Donors have totally dried up for Walker, and getting people to come on Thursday was unbelievably hard,” said one of the donors. “Everyone I know was just totally stunned by how difficult the fund-raising became, but the candidate and the campaign just couldn’t inspire confidence.”

Basically Walker got lost in the Trump surge and all of his attention and money got lost in the fog of Donald. Without cash or attention, Walker is being forced to bow out and Wall Street will now have to cast in its lot with JEB! or Ted Cruz.

So how will we know where the small cabal of Walker support will go now?

While it's not classy to speculate who the anonymous Walker backer might be, the most prominent and outspoken supporter of the Walker campaign on Wall Street has been hedge manager Anthony Scaramucci. In fact, during a meeting with Donald Trump a few weeks back, Scaramucci claimed to have pledged his ongoing allegiance to Walker.

Watching where Scaramucci's allegiance goes next will be a good indication of how the Walker cookie crumbles.

And we're going to go ahead and guess "Not Trump."

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