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The Bromance Between Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo Was Torn Asunder By Jezebel Hedge Funds

Guess who Bill de Blasio is blaming for something... again.

Vanity Fair has released a pretty amazing profile of New York City Mayor, and former Sandinista, Bill de Blasio that covers in vivid detail why New Yorkers are so f*cking pissed at the man running City Hall.

In addition to recounting BdB's chronic tardiness (he complains that he can't sleep until 9am, drawing the sympathy of teenagers everywhere), his perceived boredom with actually running the city and selecting instead to focus on fighting absurd, ultimately useless battles with Uber and the horse-drawn carriage industry. The story also digs deep into what happened to the relationship between BdB and his old pal, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The two men worked together at HUD during the Clinton administration and were known to have some fondness for each other in New York political circles. But once BdB stepped into City Hall, he found himself stymied at almost every turn by a Governor who may or may not have (but almost certainly did) call him "bumbling and incompetent" in an anonymous quote to The Wall Street Journal. 

So what in BdB's estimation has come between him and Andrew Cuomo? Well, it's Bill de Blasio we're talking about here so take a wild guess...

Twenty years ago de Blasio viewed Cuomo as the next great hope of the Democrats. Today he sees him as a hostage to Wall Street bankers and hedge-funders.

We'll give you a moment to recover from the shock. Okay, now have a chuckle at the image of Phil Falcone and Anthony Scaramucci telling Andy Cuomo that BdB is, like, totally lame and not worth being seen with so Andy should ditch the commie come sit at their table.

Once again, we've got a politician vaguely pointing the finger at faceless "hedge funds" because of how it easily it scores political points. And it could be easily conjectured that BdB knows even less about the hedge fund world than Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, two other masters of the craft.

The only Wall Street-type actually quoted by name in the VF story is Blacktone's Hamilton James who offers tepid praise of what BdB has done so far but also wonders aloud about what could be.

“Sometimes he wades into issues that are not all that substantive, which people get agitated about,” says Blackstone’s James. “The Uber thing jumps to mind. He doesn’t have to do that. The horse-drawn carriage is another thing. A totally unnecessary controversy. I would like him to be a little more like a C.E.O., you know, let your team take care of these things, take some time, make some recommendations, and these things would just fade away.”

The only problem with BdB behaving like a CEO is that he doesn't like CEOs... and he wants to sleep 'til nine.

Bill de Blasio’s Battle to Save New York—and Himself [Vanity Fair]


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