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Twinkies Manufacturer Has A Dream

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“We want to be sold everywhere a candy bar is sold, whether it’s an airport kiosk or a vending machine,” Mr. Toler said. (Candy bars are carried in about 120,000 convenience stores.) International expansion also is a priority, he said. Hostess is entering Mexico and Canada and broadening its reach in Europe and the Caribbean. Mr. Toler said that while his focus now is on growing the business and expanding Hostess beyond snack cakes, “our plan would be to make it a public company. There is no timeline for that yet. We’ll know when the time is right.” [WSJ]


Hostess Beating Potential Buyers Off With A Stick, Says Hostess

Apparently Twinkie-lovers worldwide are clamoring for a piece of this.

Twinkie Economics In Spain

The good people who used to run Hostess Brands aren't the only people who came up with the idea of raiding pensions to pay bills:

Twinkies Predictably Worth Almost As Much As Hostess Itself

So it looks like Apollo Global Management and Metropolous & Co. will be bringing back the Twinkie. And they're willing to pay almost as much for that right as Hostess said it was worth—all of it—when it filed for bankruptcy.