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Twitter Investors Now Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Get Jack Dorsey To Just Come Home

He's not distracted anymore, in fact

Remember when the guys who had all that money sunk into Twitter were going to try to force interim CEO Jack Dorsey to give up his leadership at Square if he was going to get permanently back in the CEO chair at Twitter?

Well, 107 days into Twitter's CEO search, it seems that investors have abandoned their "We need you to make some hard decisions" approach in their negotiations with Dorsey, and gone with more of a "We'll do whatever you want baby, just please come home!"-kinda vibe.

Whereas there were concerns a few weeks ago that Jack might be distracted running two companies, Twitter investors are - according to the NY Times - changing their tune like a radio station shifting formats from country to hip-hop.

“After watching Jack execute on his vision at Square, and more recently at Twitter as C.E.O., we are highly confident in Jack’s ability to serve as C.E.O. of both companies,” Justin Dini, a spokesman for Rizvi Traverse Management, said on Monday. Mr. Dini said the firm not only had faith in Mr. Dorsey but also continued to invest in Twitter because of its belief in Adam Bain, Twitter’s president of global revenue.

So basically like Steve Jobs in his Apple/Pixar era, right? Unless someone has an even stranger or more absurdly fawning comparison...

“Deion Sanders played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl,” said Mr. Rabois, referring to the 1980s and 1990s National Football League and Major League Baseball player. “I don’t see any reason why Jack can’t do that.”

Let's just start referring to him as "Neon" Jack Dorsey and see if that works.

Seriously though Neon, they want you back like real bad.

Momentum Grows for Jack Dorsey of Square to Also Run Twitter [NYT]


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