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UK Serious Fraud Office Chief Serious About Putting Libor Riggers Behind Bars, Not Interested In "But but but everyone else was doing it" Excuses

Apparently Tom Hayes was just the beginning for the comically named organization.
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David Green is not taking sh*t but he is taking prisoners.

In a speech yesterday, David Green indicated there would be no hiding place for anyone involved in the scam – no matter how senior – saying the watchdog’s Libor probe will ‘go wherever the evidence takes us’. The comments were made in Green’s first public speech since former UBS and Citigroup trader Tom Hayes was convicted for manipulating Libor and sentenced to 13 years in jail...Green said the defence that rate-rigging was standard industry practice would not stand. He said: ‘The verdicts made the point that bankers are subject to the same standards of honesty as the rest of us. ‘Alleged industry practice, arguments about “permissible range”, “no one told me not to” and “why pick on me?” provide no defence in law...Green said ‘more charges are likely this autumn’.

SFO boss warns rogue bankers will be brought to justice [DM]

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Citi, UBS Libor-Rigger To Serve Everyone’s Prison Sentence

Tom Hayes is going away for a whopping 14 years.

Ex-Trader Convicted Of Libor Manipulation Made Written Request To Colleague Not To Put Libor Manipulation Requests In Writing

And then presumably slapped himself on the forehead and shouted "Idiot!" immediately after hitting send.