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After Five Years Running Twitter, Dick Costolo Is Now A Comdey Professional


When Dick Costolo was pushed out of the CEO gig over at Twitter, many wondered what he could would possibly do next.

Well, Dick C has his new gig lined up, you guys, so we can stop worrying wondering.

Costolo, the unceremoniously ousted former CEO of Twitter and favorite punching bag of Wall Street (despite being widely described as a nice guy), is now consulting for the TV show Silicon Valley.
For those who haven't gotten hooked, the show parodies the drama of today's technology industry through the perspective of one innovative but struggling startup called Pied Piper.

Apparently, prolonged exposure to the helm of Twitter can force one into a comedy writer's room. Makes sense.

Not to be "those guys" but we'd love to suggest a plot point to Dick for this season.

A multi-billion-dollar, publicly-traded tech company forces out its CEO, watches the stock price free fall, and then takes more than 100 days to name his replacement.

Yeah... We wouldn't buy it either.

Twitter's ex-CEO is consulting for HBO's Silicon Valley, and we can't wait for the thinly-veiled shade [Mashable]


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