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Alexis Tsipras Takes His Medicine, Eats His Vegetables, Washes Behind His Ears For Auntie Angela

Sometimes we have to do things we don't like to get bailouts.
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Better than not being prime minister, right? Right!?!??

Here’s your goddamned austerity budget, jerks. And thanks for nothing.

The budget outlines a variety of measures intended to meet the bailout requirements, like increasing the sales tax on hotels and paring government spending on indebted pension funds….“We have managed to secure the country’s financial stability and to definitively stop debate about Grexit,” Mr. Tsipras said, referring to the term for a potential Greek exit from the euro. He said enforcing the bailout terms “is a necessary condition.”

He added, however, that his leftist-led coalition would strive to “restore social justice and the dignity of the Greek people and work for a society of equality and prosperity.”

Greece Unveils Tough Draft Budget for 2016 [NYT]


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Isn't Going To Literally Say "Angela Merkel And Her Cohorts Are Trying To Blackmail Me"

He's still going to throw the word "blackmail" down *and* lay it on thick about how the founding fathers of the EU would be extremely disappointed about the current situation.


Trump And Tsipras Will Sit Down For An Inherently Doomed Chat

The crypto-communist meets the capitalist clown.

Partying like its 2014. By DTRocks (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Germans Decide Not To Roast Greece On An Open Fire

Kali Protohronia, you Grecian rascals.

Greek Prime Minister Sees Happy Ending In His Future

Pessimists might beg to differ, but Tsipras has a good feeling about this bailout business, down in his plums.