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Anne Dias Griffin Making Ken So Mad He Had To Buy $300 Million In Real Estate Just To Cope

The hedge fund manager's estranged wife has subpoenaed every person he's ever shared air space with.
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While Ken Griffin is readying nine figures worth of bachelor pads for his post-ball-and-chain life, the soon-(maybe not so soon?)-to-be-former-Mrs. Griffin is settling nicely into her new full-time job: Making Mr. Griffin’s life an open-book living hell, subpoenaing every single person who so much as shared an elevator with him or walked past him on Michigan Avenue over the past dozen years, including: Transportation providers.

Griffin told the court that subpoenas issued to New York and Miami drivers and to a private aircraft company in Illinois were irrelevant to the key issues in the case. He said his wife subpoenaed them to "embarrass and harass" him regarding "irrelevant details" about his business and personal life.

Prominent Citadel alums.

Litowitz, one of several former Citadel executives mentioned in court filings, is founder and chief executive of Evanston-based hedge fund Magnetar Capital….Litowitz and other former Citadel executives have been drawn into the divorce because of questions surrounding the purchase price paid to them for the sale of their interests in Citadel. Dias Griffin believes that information will help shed light on the value of Citadel at that time, and therefore Griffin's net worth, when she signed the prenuptial agreement.

And, of course, certain keepers of a certain hilarious piece of furniture.

A South Side storage facility that held "a key piece of physical evidence" — a bedpost that was either yanked off or "inadvertently" fell off during a 2003 argument about the prenuptial agreement at the center of the divorce. Moishe's was subpoenaed, but the subpoena was withdrawn subject to Dias Griffin's right to inspect certain items, court records show. Records sought included the "chain of custody and preservation of the bedpost, which is anticipated to be physical evidence in this case," court records said.

Now, lest you think Ken Griffin is just too busy these days scanning real-estate listings and putting up boss returns, think again: As befits the man who files for divorce while his wife is somewhere over the mid-Atlantic, there are a few people he’d like to speak to and a few things he’d like to see. You know, while we’re sharing things under court order.

F4 Financial of Lincolnshire helps clients who are going through divorces. Newman is a "certified divorce financial analyst," meaning she helps clients with "lifestyle analysis," expense projections, forensic analysis and expert testimony….Over time, Artisan accumulated 120,000 files, including duplicates, of photographs and videos of the family from various sources, including other photographers, Dias Griffin and the Dias family, court records said. Dias Griffin gave a laptop to Artisan that includes thousands of photos and videos, from her childhood to present day.

Ken Griffin asked Artisan to turn over photos and videos from the couple's July 2003 rehearsal dinner, wedding and related events, as well as photos from their first date on March 1, 2002, until the divorce filing on July 23, 2014.

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