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Bank of America Is Number One (For Job Cuts)!

BofA smokes all you fools (at laying off employees).
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Sorry, Goldman. Step aside, JP Morgan. Today is not your day, Citi. Better luck next time, Wells Fargo. Bank of America hath cornered this market.

The six largest U.S. banks, under pressure to keep a lid on expenses, cut 20,065 jobs in the third quarter, according to data posted on the firms' websites. They employed a total of 1.05 million people as of Sept. 30, down from 1.07 million a year earlier. Bank of America Corp. made the deepest cuts, eliminating 14,345 positions, or 6.3 percent of its full-time workforce, to end the period with almost 215,200 employees. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. increased its full-time payroll by 3,400, or 10.2 percent.

Please, no questions. Bank of America's got work to do.

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*Unfortunately, BofA was unable to accept this award today, as the firm has continued to block access from within its walls to Dealbreaker.


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