Barry Diller Will Become A Partisan Guerilla In President Trump's America

Looks like we can cross Barry off the list for that "Secretary of The Interior brought to you by Tinder" gig.

Believe it or not, President Trump almost definitely might not have Barry Diller's vote.

In fact, the IAC founder - and when you really think about it, Yin to Trump's New York City billionaire Yang - is pretty angered by The Donald's bid for The White House. So angry that he envisions a possible future wherein he and a small band of brothers sleep in the woods of the New Jersey Palisades, clothed in camouflage and yelling "Wolverines" as they fire their guns at Trump towers along the west side of Manhattan.

This is what Barry told Bloomberg when asked about Trump today:

"If Donald Trump doesn’t fall, I’ll either leave the country or join the resistance... the REAL resistance."

Yeah, so like a life of partisan revolt in the Garden State or he'll just sail his yacht to Europe. Same same.

Diller did not stop there though. He really unloaded on President Trump, even calling him a "huckster." That's nasty for old dudes.

Diller's thoughts on The Donald make the video below worth a watch.

Donald Trump Is Reality TV as Politics: Barry Diller [Bloomberg]