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Being CEO Of Google Just Ain't What It Used To Be

They literally don't even need you anymore.

Today will be the first day of Google Inc.'s new life as Alphabet Inc. A nestle of futuristic companies will be somewhat untangled and reorganized under a fancy umbrella company with a dumb brand-new name.

While there will be a plethora of even more "How big is Google now, right?" hot takes in the days to come, we already have one pretty adorable example of how different things are going to feel in Mountain View.

Remember when Google itself was a big deal and being CEO of Google was like "You get on this cover on TIME magazine, young man" kind of stuff? Well, in the world of Alphabet, being CEO of Google just makes you a middle manager who might get a little more time with Larry Page than like the CEO of Sidewalk Labs.

Incoming Google CEO Sundar Pichai got a little taste of his place in the world very recently according to WSJ.

Executives got an unexpected glimpse of the new order on Aug. 11, one day after Mr. Page announced the reorganization.
As they convened to discuss one of the young bet businesses, Sundar Pichai, who will be CEO of core Google, wasn’t there. The others waited for a time, but then realized Mr. Pichai didn’t need to be there. The meeting went ahead without him, giving the incoming Google CEO time for other priorities.

Here's a conversation one would never have conceived of under Larry and Sergey or Eric Schmidt.

Google Exec #1: "Where's the CEO of Google?"

Google Exec #2:"Dunno."

Google Exec #3: "Shouldn't we wait for the CEO of Google to start this meeting about Google business?"


Google Exec #1: "Nah, f#ck it, let's get this show on the road."

At Google, Breathing Room for New Ideas [WSJ]


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