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Ben Bernanke Didn’t Think Much Of Tim Geithner: Ben Bernanke

At first!
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A light moment between friends.

At first! At first! He did eventually warm up to him, and the two can have a good laugh about it now, even if the mere sight of a beard above a Jos. A. Bank collargives old Timmy flashbacks.

Mr. Geithner began by joking that the reunion was in some respects painful.

“It brings back bad memories,” he said, “not just reading the book but sitting here with you. You were cool to work with, but we had to do some terrible things….”

“I would ultimately become a big fan of Tim’s, but when I first met him I was underwhelmed,” Mr. Bernanke wrote in his book.

Also: If you want to send Ben Bernanke off the deep edge, or have him fill a room with a lifetime supply of Alexander Hamilton tens, just go ahead put someone new on the it.

“If they take him off the $10 bill, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said.

In a Reunion, Bernanke and Geithner Revisit the Crisis [NYT]


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