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Ben Bernanke Doesn't Have Time For Rand Paul's Kid's Table Musings On The Fed

The former chairman of the Federal Reserve would not object to the Senator from Kentucky sitting down and shutting up.
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Time was, Ben Bernanke had to sit through a whole lotta conversations in which he had to suppress the urge to interrupt whoever was speaking and say, "Let me break it down for you so you can understand" [gestures to self] "Smart" [gestures to person speaking] "Stupid" (House hearings, Senate hearings, DC dinner parties, private moments with Jeb Hensarling). But he couldn't, because it would be, y'know, beneath the office of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. But now that he's retired, he can and my god, must it be freeing.

The former Federal Reserve chairman gave a blistering rebuke to the Republican presidential candidate on Wednesday, saying Paul’s proposed bill to audit the central bank is misleading. “This is very deceptive — this bill is very deceptively titled,” Bernanke said during a discussion at Nasdaq’s Times Square headquarters to promote his new book, “The Courage to Act.” Bernanke suggested the bill wasn’t about increasing transparency so much as giving lawmakers more control over the Fed and its monetary policies. “You’re basically saying that Congress should run monetary policy,” he said. “I always like to say, if you love the way they’re managing fiscal policy, let them run monetary policy.”

Rand Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill is ‘very deceptive’: Bernanke [NYP]


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