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Bill Ackman Has Been Dreamily Doodling "Mike Bloomberg 2016" On All Of His T-Shirts

If billionaires are going to vote for a billionaire, it better be the right billionaire.

Some people just know how to behave at a Bloomberg-sponsored event.

Take Bill Ackman for instance. When asked about what he sees happening in 2016 during an interview at the "Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit," the Pershing Square Capital CEO launched into a detailed description of his thirst for a Mike Bloomberg presidency.

"My view is, Michael Bloomberg is gonna run for president and Michael Bloomberg is gonna win,” Ackman told Stephanie Ruhle. He went on to say that Bloomberg is the most qualified candidate and that the market "would go up 5% the day he announced and 10% the day he wins.”

To make things crystal-clear, Ackman put a bow on his drafting/endorsement by saying "I would do everything in my power to get this guy elected, and I would recruit massive amounts of people to make this happen."

And what prediction of a Bloomberg 2016 run would be complete without a dig at President Trump? Ackman more than met expectations on that account by hitting The Donald right where it hurts.

“Mike Bloomberg once said “I can’t become president, no one wants to vote for a billionaire.” But we still have a billionaire that’s in first place, and I think, frankly, this billionaire [Bloomberg] has more money.”

That is some premium billionaire on billionaire sh!t-talking right there. And Ackman doubled down by not-so-subtly implying that Trump would much rather let Bloomberg run things than keep up the charade of his own candidacy; "If Mike ran, I think Trump would say "Hey Mike, I’d love to have you run the country.""

Shifting back to Bloomberg, Ackman made something of a "wealth funny" by assuring Ruhle he would not be backing any other candidate this cycle; "I’m supporting Bloomberg for President...It’s really cheap, you don’t have to write a check."

The full video of the interview is below. The Bloomberg 2016 stuff starts around the 25:00 mark...


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