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Bill Ackman Has Tons Of New Damning Data Points About Herbalife, None Of Which He Can Reveal At This Time

You're just going to have to trust him when he says this thing's going down.
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Just know he and his team at Pershing Square have uncovered information that would make grown men weep, children shiver, mothers and fathers hold their babies a little closer at night. No he can't tell you what any of it is. Yes it's unbelievable. No you won't believe it. Yes he'll tell you about it at some point in the future. No he can't tell you about it now. Just trust that no evidence that supports a hedge fund manager's short thesis about a company has ever been as huge as this, and he shouldn't have to tell you what that evidence is right now for you to dump the Herb. Now go, be gone, all of you.

On Tuesday, Ackman, who has bet $1 billion that Herbalife's shares will fall after accusing the company of running a pyramid scheme, said that he had more information on Herbalife when asked about it by a reporter at a conference sponsored by Bloomberg. Herbalife denies running a pyramid scheme where members make more money by bringing in new members than selling the actual product. "Lots of new stuff, none I can report," Ackman said in response to a question whether there was something new to say about the company. He was speaking after Tuesday's market close.

Herbalife shares slump on Nu Skin, Ackman's 'new' information [Reuters]

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