Blythe Masters Will Teach Wall Street To Love Bitcoin By Showing It The Darkness Of Its Own Soul

You don't run commodities at a JPM without learning a little bit about the power of greed.

In case your forgot, the woman who taught JPMorgan to love credit default swaps is now preaching the word of Bitcoin.

But while Wall Street has definitely demonstrated a much more piqued interest in the virtual currency over recent months, Blythe Masters wants to see some real commitment. And Blythe sees no reason why Wall Street shouldn't be embracing Blockchain technology - the virtual ledger that sees all and could automate costly operational stuff - and bringing into the non-Bitcoin world. Luckily she knows that it's only a matter of time before the suits come around to her way of thinking.

After all, the market is dark and full of terrors.

“The motivation for firms to open their eyes… is a combination of fear and greed,” she said Tuesday October 20 at The Economist’s Buttonwood conference in midtown Manhattan.

Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your funds.

BLYTHE MASTERS: 'Fear and greed' will drive banks to the technology behind bitcoin [BI]