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Bonus Watch '15: Close Your Eyes And Think About The Bonus You Got Last Year

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Okay, you got it? You got the idea of last year's bonus in your head? What it looked like? What it felt like? What, for some of you, it tasted like and felt like to roll around in (we don't know your life)? Now think about that bonus and lop off 10% of it.

Pay across Wall Street could fall about 10 percent this year, with traders taking the biggest hit, said Alan Johnson, managing director of pay consulting firm Johnson Associates. The weaker trading environment is hurting banks, as are the costs of complying with new rules imposed after the financial crisis. Banks "are starting to restructure their pay strategy because five or six years after the crisis they have extra costs," Johnson said. "It's just not working." Those estimates are consistent with the numbers that Goldman Sachs is reporting. The bank said it set aside $287,778 per employee in the first nine months of the year, down about 10 percent from the same period last year.

Wall Street bonuses likely to plunge as trading revenue drops [Reuters]


Bonus Watch '15: Better Luck Next Year?

No one's in this gig for the money, right?

Bonus Watch '15: Goldman Sachs > Morgan Stanley > Bank of America

And backing up the rear for bonus across the pond: Société Générale.

Bonus Watch '08: Goldman Sachs

Bonuses paid in '08 that were of the look-but-don't-touch variety were turned into real live ones that you can buy things with last year. Two billion dollars worth of live ones.

Bonus Watch '15: Deutsche Bank Will Update You On The Situation 5 Months Hence

The bank is said to be taking its time on bonus announcements this (/next) year.

Bonus Watch '16: Goldman Sachs CEOs

If you're unhappy about your bonus this year, perhaps it'll make you feel less alone to know Lloyd Blankfein's dropped, too. (To $23 million.)

Bonus Watch '15: JP Morgan To Make Other Banks Look Like Cheapskates

Good for JP Morgan employees, less good for JP Morgan peers, who are gonna be hearing a lot of "Why can't you be more like JP Morgan?"

Bonus Watch '15: Summer Interns

Banking interns in Europe and some lucky ones in the U.S. are getting paaaaid (more money than they expected).