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Chicago Woman Won’t Get Flashbacks Of Ex-Husband Every Time She Signs A Credit Card Slip Anymore

Anne Dias Griffin is dropping the Griffin, among other things.
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Now everyone: Bow before the prenup!

Not now that a divorce judge has given Anne Dias-Griffin permission to ax her soon-to-be ex-husband's name from hers. Unfortunately Anne Dias, other than the name change and some extra child support, it doesn’t look like she got much out of yesterday’s settlement with Ken Griffin, who in addition to keeping her in the Windy City also gets joint custody of their kids and recognition of his prenup and not to have to listen to his ex trash him on the record in open court.

The couple will have joint custody of their three young children. Dias Griffin had been seeking sole custody with reasonable visitation for Griffin. Griffin wanted joint custody. Dias Griffin also wanted to move the children to New York. The court document says that she withdrew that petition.

She gets the right to resume using her maiden name, the judgment said.

The two sides had gone to war over the validity of their prenuptial agreement. The court document refers to a "marital settlement agreement." The document also said that the premarital agreement from July 2003 is valid.

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