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Deutsche Bank CEO: You Know This Year's Bonuses Are Going To Be A Disgrace, Right?

A 6.2 billion euro ($7 billion) loss will generally have that effect.
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John Cryan isn't gonna sugarcoat this one: this year's bonuses won't put your kid through private school.

Dear Colleagues: Today we announced to the market some new important financial information.The news is not good, and I expect a number of you will be very disappointed by it. We expect to report a sizable loss for the third quarter. This expected loss is primarily driven by three items which together total approximately EUR 7.6 billion...The write-downs and dividend recommendation that we announced today will, of course, have to be factored in some way into our upcoming decisions on variable compensation for the year. While compensation considerations are not based on this year’s financial results alone, our shareholders will rightly expect employees to share something of the burden.

Message from John Cryan to employees [Deutsche Bank]
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