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Goldman Executive Who Abandoned Bank To Become A Rancher Named CEO Of TPG

Goldman Sachs co-president turned cowboy Jon Winkelreid is back.
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Winkelreid, talking shop.

Remember Jon Winkelreid? For those of you who don't keep a copy of The Complete Guide To Goldman Sachs nearby, a quick refresher: Winkelreid was a longtime executive of Goldman Sachs who, in the summer 2008, decided he wasn't feeling the firm any longer, and that what he really wanted to do was focus on his career as a cowboy. (No, really: "After a four-year search for the perfect ranch, he and his family purchased adjacent ones in Meeker, Colorado. Winkelried quickly learned to be a near-professional-level “cutter,” a sport in which horseback riders separate one calf from the cattle herd.")

Winkelreid went to Lloyd Blankfein and danced around the subject of not being sure how much longer he wanted to do the whole banking thing and, in large part because this was circa the beginning of the sh*t storm that was the global financial crisis, Blankfein told J-Dubbs to "keep his head down and keep driving."

A few months later, during Winkelreid's performance review in December-- shortly after Goldman bailed Winkelreid out of a personal liquidity crisis-- he again brought up the subject of no longer working for the bank, to which Blankfein, at this point anointed the face of Wall Street greed, again told him not to resign.

But the siren song of those horses and chaps was too strong a call. Winkelreid and his wife decided that "once the firm was on sound footing in terms of the future," he would bid the place adieu, and on February 12, 2009, told Blankfein it was over, for real this time. And Blankfein was not pleased! (Per Fortune: "It really pissed Lloyd off...You really want to get Lloyd going? Ask him about Winks' departure.") In spite of Lloyd's anger, Winkelreid donned his hats and boots and left.

But six years is a long time to work exclusively alongside horses and now, Winks is back.

TPG, the investment firm, said on Wednesday that it had hired Mr. Winkelried as co-chief executive. He will hold that title alongside James Coulter, one of the founders of the firm.


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