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Goldman Sachs Junior Banker Cheaters Fatter, Dumber, Lazier Than Previously Thought

Their firings now need require an asterisk.
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Doubly disappointed in you.

Last Friday, Bloomberg News reported that 20 enterprising young analysts had been fired from the bank for cheating on an internal training exam. Right off the bat, the idea of attempting to pull the wool over Goldman's eyes on a silly test, the stakes for which were extremely low, seemed not so bright. However, pegging the youths as "not so bright" was apparently giving them too much credit: according to a report by Business Insider, the kids involved in the cheating ring displayed neither intelligence nor inventiveness in their methods which, by the way, were not even necessary in the first place.

The analysts were given materials a couple of days beforehand to prepare. They had to score a 70 or higher to pass. If they failed, they would not lose their jobs; they could retake the test...The exam, which was administered by an outside educational company, was not seen as being especially difficult, according to one person familiar with the test...The cheaters, who were spread across different rooms, used their Goldman-issued computers to search terms that came up on the exam, according to people familiar with the matter. They took their test on a computer and used that same computer to use Google to search for some of their answers.

No word (yet) on the creative energy (or lack thereof) employed by their counterparts at JP Morgan, or if said counterparts were aware that their firm can see what they Google.

This is how the Goldman Sachs analysts who got fired were cheating [BI]

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Goldman Sachs Junior Banker Cheating Ring Ends...Poorly

If one considers being fired and likely blacklisted from the industry after less than 24 months on the job 'poorly'. Which one just might.

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