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Hedge Fund Manager Turned Pharma CEO Turned Public Enemy Number One Has An Exciting Opportunity For You And 19 Of Your Closest Friends

Who wants to work for Martin Shkreli?
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Remember Martin Shkreli? Young lad who spent the early part of his career doing things like lobbying the Food and Drug Administration to "not approve certain drugs made by companies he was shorting"? And then realized that while running a hedge fund provided a nice standard of living, he could potentially make some real money working the pharmaceutical industry from the inside? So he started a firm called Retrophin “which acquired old neglected drugs and sharply raised their prices,” went through a little messiness with his board (it fired him and made allegations about "personal piggy banks," etc)? Which led him to start a similar company called Turing Pharmaceuticals, which made a name for itself last month when it was discovered that Shkreli had acquired a drug called Daraprim-- regarded by infectious disease specialists as "the standard of care for treating a life-threatening parasitic infection"-- and subsequently jacked up the price of a tablet from $13.50 to $750? And then, when asked how he sleeps at night was like, "Just fine, thank you. A lot like a baby, actually"? And continued to be utterly, completely shocked when he was criticized for the move, by everyone from the medical community, to the general public, to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

If watching the saga unfold brought one thought to your mind-- "I MUST WORK FOR THIS GUY"-- then today's your lucky day.

Oh and if you know anyone else dying to have his or her paycheck signed by Shkreli, we've got more good news: Turing appears to have a position available for just about everyone.

Best of luck to all the candidates!

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