If You Wanna See A Bobblehead Museum In This Lifetime, You'll Pony Up The Dough For These Ex-Finance Guys Trying To Make It Happen

These two have a dream but they need you to help make it a reality.
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Cut a check without expecting anything in return (except to see the museum of bobbleheads realized) OR consider a custom order based on the people in your life. Surely everyone in your office would appreciate a three inch version of the boss perched on their desk?

A pair of childhood friends crazy about the nodding dolls are trying to raise about $250,000 to open the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum by next fall. Museum co-founders Phil Sklar and Brad Novak, both 31 years old, quit their day jobs in corporate finance and retail, respectively, to follow their dream. The pair, who share a two-bedroom condo in Milwaukee stuffed with a few thousand bobbleheads, say the city on Lake Michigan is the perfect place for the museum. “This is a bobblehead-obsessed state and a bobblehead-obsessed city,” Mr. Sklar said. “We’ve traveled all over, and it really makes sense here. It’s bobblehead country.” To raise money for the museum, expected to house about 10,000 of the dolls, Mr. Sklar and Mr. Novak have started taking orders for custom bobbleheads, contracting with a manufacturer in China.

Bobbleheads Get the Nod at Planned Milwaukee Museum [WSJ]


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